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❒ single ❒ taken ✔ waiting for a call from Nolan North


RoosterTeeth Fans! While you guys are either at PAX Prime or sitting at home wishing you were at PAX Prime, I spent my time intricately doodling and cutting out teeny paper puppets of some of your favourite Achievement Hunters then ‘animated’ them along to the audio from two great Achievement Hunter moments.

If you’re like me and you like Lindsay and/or Ryan (and I know you do) then please give this video a little watch. I think you’ll enjoy it ;)

Man that meetup was fun. Bbq, CAH, King of Tokyo, watching them do a massive 4x4x4x4 halo game, then rock band, then RT videos.

I got a box of poptarts out of it. :D

At a bbq with a bunch of RTNYers and we spend the afternoon having a massive Halo battle

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Your mom failed to draw hill too
Ryan Haywood & Patrick Rodriguez
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A short conversation between Patrick and Ryan on Quick Draw

Patrick: How could you say that about my mother!

kenezbian replied to your post “kenezbian replied to your post:I don’t even know what my aesthetic…”

i didn’t say shirts, i said kilts. only kilts. no unders allowed because that’s the rule with kilts. maybe boots because guys in kilts with boots are hot as hell but that’s it.

…okay point.


woo! i just finished a game grumps animated - for today’s episode! as soon as i saw today’s super mario 3d world ep i knew i had to do this, so i threw away all other obligations and worked for like 9 straight hours to make this! i hope you enjoy it :D

men in kilts tagged “please god ryan put this on”
teal lines


And maybe some other various muted colors

If I was going to make Ryan wear anything it would be not a fucking shirt tbh.

I don’t even know what my aesthetic would be.






This gives me life

How music changed from 2000-2013.