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AH Presents: My Favorite Things

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Achievement Hunter Presents: My Favorite Things - Let’s Play Cloudberry Kingdom Part 6


Pompeii - 1969 / Mad Men -Style Bastille Cover ft. Tony DeSare
Postmodern Jukebox nail it again.


The first time i saw this vine, i laughed so hard. 


God I’d move/get a new job if I knew I’d be okay with my new job/place financially in a heartbeat.

Boss is talking to a shipping company that deals a lot with our exports and every time he does he just gets angrier each time and does that pseudo-verbal abuse / reverse psychology quite a lot. So he asks the guy on the phone, who is Chinese, how to say ‘I will kick your fucking ass’ in Chinese and I just do that sort of laugh where I’m just amazed but not quite amazed and maybe a little disgusted but augh.

He does the ‘reverse psychology’ a lot and just. Every day is just a slow ‘I’m getting uncomfortable’ descent.




i steel havent found my berries


I found this!